Quickstart guide

Disputils provides different and customizable utilities for discord.py bot developers. This quickstart guide aims to help you understand the basic features of those utilities and get you started as quick as possible.

The library contains two versions of each utility. Which one to use depends on how you use discord.py:

  • basic discord.py, via discord.Client
  • discord.py’s commands extension, via discord.ext.commands.Bot


You can easily install the latest version from PyPI via pip:

pip install disputils

Multiple Choice

This utility gives the power of choice to your users. Let it be polls, interactive menus or something else, you can take user experience to a new level.

Users can interact via automatically generated reactions under the message.


The appearance and behavior is of course customizable.

client version

A cool way to realize an interactive multiple choice command, that dynamically changes it’s content is this:

bot version

This is what a simple multiple choice command could look like:


This one is pretty simple and straight-forward. It lets you ask users for confirmation on an action. It’s basically a yes-no question.


client version

An interactive confirmation:

bot version

An example confirmation command looks like this: